2024-06-10Combat Firing Exercises at the Air Force Firing Range over the Waters east of Cape Shabla from June 10 to June 13

From June 10 to June 13 2024, joint combat firing exercises will be held at the Air Force Firing Range in Shabla, involving aviation units from the Air Force and air defense units of the Bulgarian Army. These exercises are part of the NATO exercise "Ramstein Legacy - 2024," which is taking place in Romania.

There will be joint flights over the sea with flight crews from the Air Force, performing air-to-air missile firings, combat firing at aerial targets, navigational bombing, and firing at sea targets.

During the exercises, live launches will be carried out against aerial targets and kinetic strikes with air-to-surface weaponry against a sea target.

The combat equipment from the Air Force participating in the joint combat firing includes MiG-29 fighter jets, Su-25 attack aircraft, Mi-24 helicopters, and S-125 "Neva" surface-to-air missile systems. Army units will participate with portable surface-to-air missile systems "Strela 2M" and "Strela 3".

To ensure the safety of navigation and the secure conduct of the firing exercises, Navigational Warnings (NAVWARN) numbered 224, 225, and 226 have been issued. Mariners are advised to adhere to the instructions within these warnings.

This notice does not absolve ship captains of their responsibilities under the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).

2024-05-14Bulgarian Navy destroyed a drifting sea mine

At 0950 this morning, during tactical exercises of the Bulgarian Navy vessels, a mine-like object was discovered 2 miles east of Pasha Dere. At 1100 minehunter 33 arrived at position, conducted a thorough inspection of the object, and classified it as an anchor mine of type "KPM." The mine was destroyed by a controlled explosion by the EOD team of Minesweeper "Struma," strictly adhering to all safety measures.


The Bulgarian Naval Forces have received information about a light cylindrical object, floating at coordinates 43 42,512 N / 028 39,43 Е at 13:30 LT on 11.07.2023. The item carries a fish finder sonar on board and represents a danger to navigation. The Bulgarian Navy Hydrographic Office has broadcasted NAVWARN 359/23 in relation to the floating object.


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