BSMCE is to enhance maritime situational awareness and facilitate coordination between naval and maritime
authorities in Black Sea by fusing and exchanging information and providing naval cooperation and guidance
for shipping in order to support naval exercises and operations.


The mission of the element is to collect, analyze and exchange maritime domain awareness information and to ensure coordination between the Navy and non-military institutions involved in shipping in Black sea. Which in practice is the implementation of naval cooperation, and guidance for shipping, through exchange of information for the maritime situation in the Black Sea with NATO.


  • Provide situational awareness in Black Sea region
  • Naval cooperation and guidance for shipping
  • Coordinate activities during exercises and operations


  • To analyze, visualize and exchange of recognized maritime picture (RMP) with NATO.
  • To cooperate with national maritime authorities when exercises and operations are performed.
  • To take part in regional and international maritime situational awareness (MSA) initiatives.